Senior Party official urges enhancing Party’s external relations

He noted that Party and State diplomacy and people-to-people exchanges need to be closely coordinated in order to create a composite strength for the nation on the front of foreign relations.

Speaking at a conference on January 10, Vuong recognised the CCER’s contributions to the success of Vietnam’s diplomatic activities in 2018, expecting that the commission will build on its tradition to fulfil the tasks in 2019.

Last year, the CCER was proactive and active in strengthening and expanding the Party’s external relations, helping to enhance the position of Vietnam on the international stage.

It also effectively fulfilled its role as an agency to help the Politburo and the Secretariat to manage and supervise the foreign activities of Party bodies and other organisations.

Concluding the conference, CCER Head Hoang Binh Quan stated that the whole commission will make further efforts to foster the Party’s external relations in a more substantive and effective fashion.

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